the vector of summer

mindful mayhem
meticulously mapped in
metaphysical memory

the morning came too quickly
and the promise of sleep
still pushes against my eyes

we wait like a coven of
satyromaniacs deprived of
egotistical conquest
all the women have gone away
and my dog just wont stop barking

something went wrong this summer
the stars are out of alignment
unbalanced, universal energy shifts
pushing the weather
towards a bipolar fascination

many of us sit and drink
while others
push empty shopping carts
and beg for something more

so, galvanize the galley slaves
sit with the gatekeeper
and watch them gamble with
garden variety words
in hopes of a gluttonous jackpot
seal faced men
shower dying rose petals
silently upon a silver shore

repent and remember
ravenous beasts
that claimed reanimated glory
like spare change

the younger woman told me that
modern life was like
an accidental fire
that burned uneven patterns
across hopeful minds

i used to admire that fire
now it seems
pallid, fractional
and once again
i’m left with only
facetious distraction
and random intent





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