the blue tower

september scars
traced on trails
of epileptic stars
nothing but dying words
in lead memoirs

tying knots upon the earth
silently waiting for a
radiant ripple of decadent rebirth

it’s magic motion
supplied with
intensity and insanity
passion  and greed
with no measure of hope
we continue this repetitive escapade
burning like wildfire at the base

nature’s bliss
under the moon
of a summer solstice
he beheld a kiss
and now in dark embrace
she is remiss

congregated in summer
and discarded in winter
empty black is
filled with bitter red
transcribed in
limited rhymes
in honor of an unknown godhead

foundations and false starts
chance connections like
abandoned buildings
chasing the secret of
secular graffiti
only to mislead and walk away

armageddon’s call
as the vicious circle widens
witness to the fall
of of imagination and fear
and caught beneath an autumn thrall

a touch to intense to rest
wrestled against fate’s breast
it’s a contest
impressed, obsessed, and transgressed

i’ve tried so hard and failed
time and time again, no remorse
a mind curtailed
conversion of plans derailed
a withered heart impaled

cast out, outcast
the garden is plush with weeds
the killers are bored
and the hustlers are planting seeds

hammer the skies
with passion we evangelize
ancient times to return
south to the sour notes
of love departed and overturned

reeking of desperation and
we are too fast and
too intense
lightning flashed amidst
a grey summer rain’s expense

passion is glorious
but in the end
they always leave too soon
nothing lasts and
everything is created with
subtle hints of decay
style chews on substance
as we run on empty and pray

give me the word
unfinished and unheard
never diminished
and perpetually conjured

give me writers death
flush with hungry eyes
that are ridden upon a rusty road
as players and fools duel upon
a queen sized battlefield

black rose soul
moving in two directions at once
as the tower falls
how many times must we rebuild
these scattered stones



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