empty sessions

old habits and new habits
metered mutations
eastern evolution
as a sardonic solution
and some days
are just better than others

no wisdom in wine
emptied of the word
i watch as
cats are
crawling, clawing,
capitulating under the pull
of a full moon’s dominance

i’m looking back to move forward
and i laugh because i am
a self tortured soul
beaten and half eaten
for all the wrong reasons

no page numbers
tired and expired
it’s such a simple mess
i’m living life
like i used to
when i started
this whole mad trip

my field of vision is
painted and surreal
i’m trolling and
in self-sustainable
gardens of heat
reaping rabid vials
of viral vagabonds

as unidentified players
shuffle with disinherited intent
wide eyed and undefined
they stare at abstract scenery
wondering when the action will begin

i told her
don’t put me in the ground
burn me
and turn me
into something new

and suddenly
i don’t want to be here
i want to be
somewhere else
nowhere else
dead, yet immortal
flowing through versus,
optic nerves, and brain synapses
recreated in someone else’s image
make me a new conjuration
formulated from imagination
the most human of elements

i want someone to write me
into a different tale
one with
sex and sunsets
eternal epithets
with no abbreviation
swirling within temptation’s pull

i want to be passion
crafted in anticipation
no hesitation
late and out of fashion

screams from the balcony
the congregation is defiled
and waiting for something more
as the mad minister gestures
toward the magic bullet of manifestation

lights out
last kiss
poetry as fuel
for the fury inside
profanity prophesied
and ruled in acute motion

master of ceremonies,
conductor of chaos,
grant us one sweet moment
of majestic awareness
to embrace the aroma of deep space



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