random input

giving up or giving in
too early to leave
and too late to grieve

five am used to be a chore
now it’s
standard operating procedure

i’m summoned,
still submissive to the word
hunched over sandpaper sheets
with saber tooth sacraments
and shaded sunglasses

i’m typing with a swollen finger
and watching as the sun tries
to rewrite the day
how to say
nothing new today
in a slightly different way

convoluted conversations
illiterate iterations
as binary tongues clash
bearing strange fruits of debris

codified and corrected
with cameo corpses resurrected
remembering a tempest of fake news
a manifold of manufactured blues
handed to cracked middle classes
sipping strange brews

children disown soul
in favor of the future
bonds broken
severed with seven swords
then joined
deep within the void

i watch
black flies on the move
hurried in a circular groove
and lit by
a lilac moon
revealing hidden runes

i feel older and colder
yet summer exposes
bare bodies
all these women abound
as serpent sentences surround
none of them are for me
and from me
the last
will lie in poetry

again, no structure
these dreams
keep getting stranger
i killed a wasp with wd-40
and it it made me remember
the taste of cigarettes at 14 years old

i’ve abandoned the evening meal
in favor of strong beer
while metal chicks
in horror flicks
falsify fantasized factions
and women who are comedy
disturb my roving eye

sundered and plundered
we seek to silence
this external violence
with an alliance
of vanilla science and
half hearted compliance
but it can’t be sunny all the time

the gods sent me a storm
to destroy, and rebuild
but it seems
soggy souls sell hope
in a diluted fashion

vulgar morning
bird call alarm clock
repetitive and ready made
no more blue cars please
just secret words
words of power, words that plead
words that capture you, words that mislead
words that rhyme
words that make you remember
and words that make you forget

five minutes left, waste, haste
broken strings that bind books like bad habits
choosing words from an electronic dictionary
i am internal, external, eternal
i am procrastination, an uneventful exclamation
one more recrimination, then determination

seven billion entries
close, small, and so infinite
but i’m the center of the universe
seeking a consciousness
expanded beyond the bedroom
i can walk on water
and charm multitudes
of miraculous mirages
if i try




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