something requested but never quite finished

cut up, mixed
and turned inside out
dissonance in the realm of
divinity and trickery
it’s havoc with cats in harmony
hallmarks and hallucinations
the shapes of this mind
restlessly stir
driving me to find
my secret friend
unmet, yet
attracted by art
that travels along bad roads

fixed position
caught in a familiar pose
i’m striking an undetermined composition
typing with no ones, only zeros

or maybe just
circling back from the past
to a future that will never be
i’m still looking for mystic eyes
locked in a forest’s dusty mirror
led by leaves of solitude
that litter the ground
in patterns of passion vs logic
i hear the chorus of empty love’s mantra

we are all liars
until truth slaps and then
caresses our souls
creating poets that are
lost and found daily
immortality is the game

notebooks and computers
waiting like lovers
for the perfect moment
to speak to dream
to meet for the first and last time

the style of
confined invocations
pulls me in
are you watching
are you waiting

words are magic to me
poetry is not caged thought
it’s a jungle
a delirious frequency
decorative, dangerous, and deifying

fastidious fury
fascinating with filthy fusion
dancing on a stow away star
as we shake up earthly vibes
in the middle of a forgotten bazaar
stuttering through
an intoxication of energies
flooding through loose limbs
three words, algorithms
conquering and renewing the trinity
with a cryptic climax

ah poetry
undefined and so often
typing because i cant talk
typing with inverted intent
it’s domestic blabbering
littered with dumbstruck scars
and i’m laughing
within a sideshow of dissent

no structure
no need
i seek notorious measure
left to bleed

this is the new drug
no rules
rotating on intelligent design
obsolete until we start again



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