a long drive to the edge of nowhere

late and always
layers upon layers of
distant voices screaming
decrying this false victimization

the soul screeches to a abrupt stop
waiting for a green light
of passive reflection
as a thousand and one faces
of slow evolution
ride on the wild tide
of prostitution
waiting for execution

progression of the word
cycles of six
green money eyes

succession of deeds
in disharmony
no time for the present
as the past and future meet
serving cycles to beat

a front-runner in degeneration
craving one last narration and
praying to the lost goddess
of imperative dictation

forever selling my soul
to the eventual
demise of charity
and adventure
I’m a constant martyr
seeking to avoid dull villainy

cosmic energy spawned
in delightful sin
now dissipated in waves they spin

reaching back and up from the abyss
I remember the temptress
and her passionate devil’s kiss
naked and heated
carefully seated
within the comfort of nature’s bliss

each moment of her touch
was an eternity
held in captivity

but i was just a place holder
broken and nothing but a token
beset by vacant tragedies
an ordinary object
written about
in an unordinary way

and this heart
is now a mechanical beast
driving the mind deceased
through complicated spheres
undone and fleeced

nurturing mountains of disdain
i reach clumsily for keys
tapping locks of ambiguity
as i seek to ordain
a body old yet new

fuck sadness
fuck loss
and fuck depression
those are tired stories
familiar and played out
it’s time to compel this staggering clone
to clockwork heights
of shaggy and interpretive insanity

the drunk and the prophet
with opposite stars
these two poets combine
to animate uncertain songs
relaying watered down culture
and secrets of a sacred bloodline

a little rain is okay
wine as sustenance
at the end of a workday
all passion delayed
in favor of a subtle accolade

I was called out as a artist
but no not really
these words are just
joining intricate fragments
of my distilled mind

one more time with
while sinking into verses
one more line with
while laughing at curses
one more rhyme with
of infinite universes



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