cats know better

i tried to write
something interesting
uplifting and clever
something to pull me out of this
pathetic malaise
but it seems that all i can muster
is another dull line
dull like the
unexpected knife
that cut my heart in two
one half stolen
the other half blue

how is that love
can run a man
through the such
bipolar states
up one minute
down the next
tired yet unable to sleep
hungry yet unable to eat
sober yet unable to drink

sitting at the kitchen table
quiet in the dark
staring blankly at a cellphone
waiting for a blinking light
to signal a message
that will never come

how is that love can make suckers
out of the most hardened hearts
and why is it that we
persist in pursuing this beast

cats know of all this pain
and they avoid it
they’re smarter than that
and they stare at you with
neutral eyes
occasionally bumping their head
against you
as if to say
snap out of it!
you have me
what more could you possibly need

cats have reason
they have a plan
perhaps in the next life
i’ll be fortunate enough
to be reincarnated as one of them


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