the most beautiful girl in the world

she has this smile
sweet and mischievous
that never fails to capture me

with eyes like an egyptian goddess
her hair is thick and luxurious
flowing like wildfire in the wind

her lips, ah well let me just say
that you will never feel
anything like them
soft and smooth perfect to kiss

her breast are sculpted
like the finest statues
of renaissance art
her legs are lithe
and alluring
and what’s between them is
the holiest of temples
her feet are the perfect size
round and cute

she likes to wear makeup
(and looks gorgeous in it)
though she needs it not
her natural beauty far surpasses
that of any other

she moves effortlessly
like a song
with a beauty and grace
that is unintentional
yet it captivates me every time

one glance and she sets my heart on fire
i could think of no heaven greater
than caressing her body and soul all for eternity

she’s smart, nerdy and funny
(could anyone ask for a better combination)
she’s the life of the party
and a compassionate mate
she has a heart that sings the sweetest songs

but more than any of that
the reason she is
the most beautiful girl in the world
is because of her soul
it shines brighter than any other
in honest simplicity
she is kind and pure
she brought me from darkness
to the light
and for that i will forever love her


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