no skill

unsure thoughts
warped in knots
sluggish and hot
a simple plot
however it’s not
what was meant to be

these men sham us
and damn us

and the women drive us crazy
with idle intent

the word
has given me
so little clarity
as of late
perhaps mild vanity
and short bouts of insanity

i’ve read the line
it’s covered with
the glitter of falsehoods
narrow and out of time

bad habits
always die hard
as old sins are
washed away
on a tide of new melancholy
no habits now
and i’m left with
nothing but a white page
staring back at me
such hollow rage

the patterns of old me
rub off on the new
am i disarmed
or just blue

the defining moment of
this human existence is
sinister and simplistic
discarding a misfit mythos
in favor of
video games and
the junkie’s adventure

our evolution is my
and i can’t see how
this ends any other way

some days we
choose to forget
control alt delete
rebooted and reset
others are remembered
dreamlike and unstable

open-ended discretion
then evacuate

this world is a carefully crafted set
of not so random circumstances
driven like cattle to an almost
oblique destination
no distraction is great enough


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