when the waves of one come crashing down

terror and error
sung in an infinite key

in this age
there is no
selling your soul
you’re already controlled

exploited and
accessorized with
an anti-social media
reality is just a machine
a patchwork of
infinite and diminishing returns
hastily cabled
networked together
and eagerly enabled
to run in all the wrong directions

wired, tired, and expired
the soul of human consciousness
has backfired

antagonized and centralized
you become aware
that all the promises were lies
and now
you’re surprised
when truth is
continually compromised

this man made system is blasphemy
it’s theater for the mad
irregular,unbalanced, ironclad
and it was never a part of me

forever chasing a distant light
don’t you see
between useless words and distractions
that we were never free

humanity stretched over millennia
with minds and hearts that are
gateways to another world
something different to behold
as the sun burns off
a cool blue morning

so i seek artists and clowns
paupers, dissidents
misfits that hold the holy grail
with freedoms kiss
forever blazing an immortal trail

with hard bones
we walk through templates of
cavernous graffiti
locked in sync with
restless cadavers
winded and awaiting the next trial

words as weapons
individual chaos
reaching up from a dream
wild and free

whispers on the wind
as the kings and queens of  i
acclimate, aggravate
assimilate then annihilate
the established order

this is the rhythm of resistance


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