bleeding through

stick to what you’re good at
and don’t stray
embrace the old order

that’s what they want you to believe
but I know
it’s all coming apart at the seams
with a violent synchronicity
i hear a million silent screams

manipulated it’s a
momentary mindset
and we are
introduced to a mild form of relief
at the final moment of desperation
anxiety, release

yet we push on
forced to continue
this world is a collective hallucination
filled with medicated visions
and assassination

the false gods are
the enforcers
the whores
crawling in scores
in league with men who stare at flames
flashes, flagged and saved for later use
quietly plotting endgames

all realities are
simulations of a god mind
controlled moments of ecstasy and terror
and time is not what it seems
a playlist set to repeat
occasionally skipping a beat
nothing in this life is real
except the touch of cold steel

but there’s a momentum out there
beautiful chaos
in a sea of conformity
disrupted ethos
a system deformity

random images, sounds
with memories that leak
in distorted fashion
this awareness is
slowly gaining ground

i feel like this could become something more
i feel like we could
tear the veil
swim for shore

will you
corrupt the code
will you
take my hand
smash the machine, overload
and escape this dreamland


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