a silent dose of mocking laughter

it’s distant
that feeling that
there’s something real
just over the horizon

yet it’s
too much and not enough
all at once
as we are slumped and murdered by the day
stripped of all holiness
and force-fed mediocrity
by schools unfit to educate
a whore infested media
and jobs that are uninspiring
still, humanity continues to sing it’s rabid song
as an invisible clock ticks a violent measure

and underachievers
standing by in garish vanity
as this life teeters
on unbalanced scales

and too often i sit, wondering
when this fictional world
will collide with it’s perceived divinity
lost arts
and it’s the same old story
planning the next scene
drunk and unfulfilled
and waiting
for the next big moment of nothing
an after hours revelation
when forever is envisioned
in a momentary escapade
of brilliance and lunacy

seventeen subtle moments
with monsters and misfits lurking
just out of sight
they are
caught in a strange spell of agitation
inspiration and mastrubation
and held in awe of goddesses
slick between the sheets of spring
they have secrets and signs
that men can only feign to understand

chasing dreams
shake them
wake them
break them

in the cool summer rain
all weaknesses are dispelled
as we drift with a quiet longevity
down uncertain roads

the only gods i’ve seen
are the ones within each of us
waiting impatiently
to be freed


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