too much to do

wake up, pet the cat
take a piss
take a shit
make the bed
brew some coffee
feed the animals
walk the dog

check the mail
filter the spam
read the news
write a poem

do the laundry
shave, shower
empty the litter box
take the trash out
sweep the floor
wash the dishes
clip the dog’s nails
rake the leaves
cut the fallen tree

gas the car
change the tires
cash in the bottles
fix the computer
fill out the paperwork
pay the fine, pay the bills
cook the food
and gradually forget
what it’s like to have fun

when i was a boy
somehow i thought
there would be more
but the lure
of domesticity
has captured me

alone now
i want to kill the ritual
because all the gods have retired
and this is life
in the human world


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