a place for dreams and demons

it’s the early riser
who conquers the world
before it begins

alone with the morning set
setting thought to screen
it’s quiet and peaceful
and this is the only time
i feel safe
but i always remember

in no dreams are we set apart
some remembered, some forgot

hunched over this keyboard again
as the cats purr
at six am
i take ten deep breaths
it’s meditation with coffee
a moment of “slow time”

slave master
and dead
brain matter
these scenes
forever churning
toward the center of this
live and absurd performance
and we are often
naked, standing alone
waiting for the unknown
as we stumble
in  an almost humble

turning to one another
in times of need
or bliss
so often did we bleed
and from the soul
it was
of the highest order
it is no more

now and then he sits
in silent fits
absently propelled
into another dimension
in which we are one
but not the same
an end run
around this persistent blue flame

every time i think of you
i write
usually at night
struck by my current plight
i die a little inside

we all lose something
now and then
we remember when
it almost made sense
as we half heartedly try
to be better than ordinary men

7 billion people
and i always pick the wrong one
i’d like to say
this trip is almost done

spilling pages upon pages
of useless words
living like a drunkard

this creation means nothing
after an hour of sitting here
my stream of consciousness
is totally fucked
i fear

quick now
as the cigarette glows
burning low
held in tow
down below
by some cruel
and unfamiliar gesture

it can’t be all for nothing
keep it flowing
that in the end
something will come of this

i’ve found a place for my dreams and demons
and it is here


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