the definition of insanity

it’s a lot of the same thing
these nights that
stretch over endless walls
like cracked and peeling wallpaper
locked in patterns
waiting to be torn off

all the nines are lines
that came to me in a dream
waiting in vain
and perceived as a scream

it’s a lot of the same thing
consequence and
quiet deliberation
taking one step forward
and two steps back
caught in a mix of
blissful repression
angry regression

i’ve lit the last cigarette
drank the last beer
and fucked the last girl

it’s a lot of the same thing
these days are
set to repeat
constantly seeking
to beat me
into retreat
and they always come to a close
with uneventful adulation

the hours grow dim
like yellowed and uneven fingernails
perhaps it’s time to flee
so i’ve
submitted my resignation
with style
and fallen in tune with
civilized retribution

it’s a lot of the same
except when it isn’t
the people
the places
brief moments of ecstasy
rolling in and out of time
often vanishing
just as quickly as they were conceived

the damned just have no sense of appreciation


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