kicked backed
knocked and calling
ever closer
it was a message
a reminder of
too many memories
and not enough happy endings

this is no life for second chances

so i stayed up late
talking on the radio
and hoping to forget

everywhere i look i see
of an unlikely beast
always waiting in vain
for the next chapter
but there are no pages left to turn

this circus seethes in the light of unmet needs

and it’s always
thought in motion
a stream of constant distraction
an almost demonic devotion
to a remedial abstraction

so gimme the highs and lows
black against white
a constant fight
with this fallacy failing in undertows

the damage of this death is dealt in daily doses

and so i follow the parade of the absurd
falling in line
with damnation itself

it’s an obsessive and relentless pursuit

one where
men and women become
searching a sad market
with contracts constantly

and where have all the holy men gone?

all that’s left are
artists and conmen
the miserable lot
what they create lingers
never quite fading
but left in a blind spot

i feel like something is missing

writing bad poetry
is the best form
of passive-aggressive
and distant communication

you motherfucker, ain’t karma a bitch

this life is full of
whores and
don’t get too close

we’ve become soft
in this unburdened lifestyle


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