“the kindred spirits of miserable fucked up poets”

i broke it
the old game
just doesn’t work anymore
and we are
moving faster now
anxiously roaming
from one loose connection to the next
sparking a fire
that burns too quickly
and so
i’m just a bad influence
they all know this
and sometimes
it’s just better to let go

so you see my friend
we are
a rare breed
and out of time
and no longer special
we were born two decades too late
and i fear we are becoming
one of them

our generation is
the last of the hard driven men
fearless and stupid
no safe spaces here
we think in simple terms
and measures of three
karma, conversation and collaboration
constantly eluding me
thrill seekers we
want to change the world
yet foreign intervention always leads to
unintended consequences

and now it’s time
for the hot show
there’s no
these women don’t want
artists or activists
they want the nightlife
with bearded and dangerous men
so we are left sitting
with nothing but a cat and a cigarette
to the hum of a refrigerator
at night


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