almost enough


growing up and
reaching out
whitewashed among the winter sands

what ever happened to the good old days?
reckless abandon
and unrestrained laughter
its just not the same anymore
blue greetings and too few smiles

tell me how to live in an age
when everyone is lazy or afraid
it’s kinda crazy
we are interconnected
and misunderstood

wandering civilian cyberspace
i was mildly disassociated
drawing on a warped clock
with a sanguine cop
shell shocked
cock blocked
and fidgety
right up till the end

it’s difficult to
congregate these
conscious and coherent
into a box
like a habitual hermit
herding cats
at sunset

shadows under the eyes

I feel
the situation is
toward a mutual end

lord help us
to raid this cache
and dispel the cult of death


“shred from art
never compare yourself to others
and remember to finish what you start”

sunk and rumored to be unassuming
unrestricted and
vigorously consuming
composites of a past life

i was
stuck on a single line
burning and unlearning
listening in shallow time

no surrender and
no release
half spoken
words of peace
not quite honest
an absurd press release

seven days spent
soaking in eventuality
soiled and unsolicited
uncoiled and disinterested

texting and hexing
the spirit is
bloodthirsty and nontoxic
as the flesh flashes clean
and bones are grinding
unheard of and mean

sometimes the common man
doesn’t see
how the world is
ugly and beautiful
all at once

the trick is to
snatch creativity from
what is ugly
and appreciate what is beautiful
it’s a way to
stave off the inevitability of
stagnation or insanity
it’s the secret to my success


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