why so serious


this new drug
cross eyed
and fearless
under a starry sky
in the fire’s landscape
and following sex
with a touch of pain
swimming within
pentatonic signatures
in candle light
riding and riding
so little endurance
till that familiar feeling
takes hold

then it’s
time to
close shop
to pace, ponder
and push the concrete slab
endlessly in the rain
blowing smoke filled
kisses on the wind
with too much thought to
wanting what you
don’t have
chasing, replacing,
the conclusion is

and we are
falling behind
caught on thorny routines
and daily rituals
with hollow meaning
work to play
play to be happy
be happy to avoid insanity
suicide, boredom
too deep for your own good
and i know
the quiet is coming

the tenses are confused now
so pause,
playback from
one third of the way
open, and stray
pen show notes
pitched with
feint ghosts
local hosts
for a life(form)
in total we are half
the sum

leaves of grass my ass!
all these memories change color
and i know
that old magic is hidden, obscure
lost in the beauty of fall
we run from winter
and  obligation
damn this internal narration
there are no rules anymore





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