click click a switch flipped
frantically the dj’s finger slid
over the knob, sliders and faders in
testy cooperation with a grizzled voice
too many screens
was it music or poetry
he heard, a secret language
he’s a half fictional character
like you, or me
it’s always strange at 3am
like coming down from a three day trip
how do you kick a bad habit? he asked
the air is stale in this bunker
I got a full ashtray,
cats and guns everywhere
the atomic clock ticks
talking at strangers
shaping questions to goad them
into archaic reactions
it’s mostly a one way dialog
i got nothing say
no clever word play
today just a couple of thoughts,
stories, and quotes
filler till something new arrives
there’s a hum that stretches for miles
all hail the glorious king of no words
so listen up friends, it’s the same old tune
remixed, back and forth with a pinch of
something new
it wasn’t cancer that killed Frank Zappa
it was the death of originality, consumer hell
and now they’ve got a hold of you
they live was an artistic prophecy, but thankfully
the poor are creative through necessity
so speak up, because words are magic and
the only weapons we have left
these transmissions are your spells
a mandela to wrap you in un-reality
and shatter their control
life is full of mad clowns and
poorly trained monkeys
reject the curse of collectivism and apathy
truth,lies and questions
peace, conflict, and balance
remember 3 is the magic number
the trinity
problem reaction solution


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