i want something new
to catch my mind and
put me in the mood
tattoos,bikers and cabarets
a mad scientist, hidden guns
words and visions, observations
cats in ghostly voodoo
tall buildings, photographs
red eyed goth girls
with short hair and long teeth
loud music on a Saturday night
out of tune and redefined
dancing, mixing with the mob
a break from solitude
i want to be baptized
in a fastidious fury
of fascinating and filthy
fusion, because
the nights are long in thought
and short in peace
well, give me quiet then
a sort of narrow focus
to ponder this mud puddle
and think of a new story to tell
the morning always remembers
it’s a reflection
so I take a walk
and talk
to myself
i need to write
but it takes time,
and more often than not
these words are
untitled, and unfinished
a blockade, and a storm
all at once
is it conviction or confusion
that drives this compulsion
words are powerful,
but not when they are shortened
and their meanings hurried
and killed





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