the theater

a gathering of souls
in two parts
or perhaps confounded
i stopped quite suddenly to observe
the passing of genius into obscurity
the dawn of a new era
where unthinking minds ruled the realm
and patience was rewarded with malice
a circle of dazed eyes was
held in ecstatic rapture and
my attention was in a critical state
spilt and untempered
this was no time for second guessing
yet here i was
overwhelmed and considerate
ponderingĀ  possible futures’
and lamenting a forsaken past
in pitched perfection
i sat and inhaled death’s breath
and laughing, spit it out
into the bowls of confident control
a familiar curse caressed me then
once again
how many truths can a man consume
before they take him, and break him
into a thousand disparate pieces
lost to the whole
many more i hope, and fear
later i was struck
with the realization of
how quickly the seed grows
moments missed or unnoticed
seem all to real
when driving tired on long roads
but as i watched locked in thisĀ  moment
of astonishing clarity
i saw a subtle reflection
of all the tender cares
and lessons hard learned
it was the future I saw
in all it’s magnificent
and terrifying splendor
i was thoughtful but tired
and sleep is no comfort to the damned





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