it’s all absurdity
george orwell was a prophet
war and peace don’t mean a thing
the age of drones has arrived, and
there’s an electric eye
on every corner, waiting
standing armies goon squads
the arbiters of compliance
and forceful theft are
lurking, watching, and soon
the police will be at YOUR door
because you’re a lone wolf
a predator not prey
greenbacks and red shields
raise hell and rampage
across the globe
empire is the Word, holy writ
spread with fear and fire
there’s always a new enemy,
a dragon to be slain
manufactured boogymen
thrown on the television
to scare you into submission
it’s an old lie,
repackaged and resold, because
Control is the new god
corporate demons rape the earth
justified by greed and apathy
legal drugs and empty foods
flood the market
dulling your soul
and sealing your fate
fueled by red bull and pop music
the little people, stand still
habit of mind,waiting in line
for the next iPhone
tragic long-form slavery
soft and (not so) secret
division, calculation mass effect
it’s all a numbers game now
love and truth are relative terms
will the collective assimilate
the individual or
can ones and zeros save us all





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