light the match and breathe
this rabble is making me crazy
slothful youths and wild-eyed
senior citizens
litter the strip malls
with pacified authority
see them herded into
dazed consumer compliance
heartless excess
even the poor submit
flashy tv programming
suspends your souls
while the gardens remain untouched
the church is dead
the state is the new
moral authority and
the salesmen of lies
pimp their propaganda
the devil hides in the
holiest of places
these slick dressed son of a bitches
scheming and plotting in their unholy temples
how much goes unnoticed
the pirate frequencies are
barely breaking through
what happened to the spirit of protest
revolution, evolution?
too many prescription drugs
and not enough psychedelics
the world is full of hopeless obedience
the communists won and they don’t even know it
But hope lies in the corner
theres a poet or prophet
with his maiden gone
sitting with a broken coffee maker
ranting, on a cordless microphone
fueled by LSD beer and caffeine
his words stab at the non-believers
creating a sanctuary of
exotic sensory stimulation
for barbarians of truth





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