babylon in heat

greatness is gone
it’s been exhausted by truth
and now
hypocrites and whores rule the world
with lies thick like tar
theres no love anymore
honor struggles just to tread water
while so many of us fade to lust
good vs evil is just a myth
a distraction
created by preachers and politicians
those wretched beasts
that swim among us
life is a circus
full of mad clowns
and poorly trained monkeys
waiting without end
innocence is a lost cat
trying to find it’s home
artists ponders the meaning of life
slowly, with reckless deliberation
while carefree drunks and and tired junkies
break out into rapid conversation
shattering the night’s eternal silence
Sometimes I wonder if art is dying
or if it’s just evolving
communication has broken down
it’s been reduced to three letter texts
can you hear these words?
would you care?
i want to save the world
from beautiful destruction
but first I have to save myself
from the eyes that stare back at me
from a dusty mirror





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