walking the road of life
there are potholes and faded lines
i once saw a trail
obscure, secret, inviting
in it’s shadows i sensed mystery
and the promise of intrigue
i saw a hidden beauty
that others failed to see
what forbidden pleasures and wonders
might I find
were I to brave down that
exotic path?
new life old life
a strange brew of
intoxication and elation
maybe I’d find an
alternate reflection of myself
the other half of the eternal puzzle
i chose however to stay on this lonely
and narrow road so
sadly now
i’ll never know
it’s a different season
the trail has changed
formed into something new
a place i can no longer tread
if there is a message dear reader
it is this
never be afraid to explore
that unfamiliar path
because regret is a harsh
and lonely mistress





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