humans forget sometimes

what’s the use of being inspired
without purpose?
can you truly enlighten yourself
in the dark?
how many days and nights
can you continue
on a path with no destination?

why would you bother tasting
the fruits of the tree of life
if your palette was bland, from impulsiveness?

how can you nurture friendship
with selfishness and fear?
how can you know your truth
when you refuse to see your lies?
how can you touch happiness

when you dwell in sadness?
do you remember what passion truly is?
how it’s wild and
untamed like feral cats
on the prowl

does your heart still beat to
that rhythm held within the soul
of forgotten youth?

do you remember how love
can wear down even the hardest heart?
like water constantly running over a stone
shaping it into something
more beautiful than what it was

i forgot once
then I remembered to ask
if i listen very closely
i hear hints hidden
on the wind
solitude breeds insanity
but it also spawns hope





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