backyard observer

sitting in a tattered lawn chair
looking over the restless city at night
with only the sound of unwilling traffic
to guide my thoughts
i see
dim lights trying vainly to illuminate dull lives
bitter men drink cheap beer
and lonely women watch bad TV
curious cats and schizophrenic dogs waiting anxiously
for attention from their human slaves
blissfully ignorant children sleeping in their beds
dreaming of zombies and video games
a starving artist remembering that magic
moment in the big city with a special girl
empty churches and full motels
murky moonlit clouds obscuring
both hope and desolation
of dying poets and homeless prophets searching
for inspiration and bottles of wine
a sea of tired faces
scarred with the marks of a
soul crushing 9-5 job
phony smiles and fake hellos
random encounters in bars
with soulless pop music deafening untrained ears
red lights that nobody pays attention to
cops waiting, searching for the next victim
and who could forget the two lonely souls
separated by circumstance
perhaps unaware of one another
but dreaming of each other all the same
all this I see
through a confused philosophers eyes
waiting,…hoping that my time too will come




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