heathen prayers

truth and consequence
a fog under the sun
quiet and unfeeling
in these empty spaces
opposites don’t attract
and now only these dismissive
signs and symbols
direct our hungry souls
cold, and undersold
like a pattern on hold
we flash backwards and forwards
through this rubber matrix
with no apparent direction
wandering in a delicate
and insane scenery
the word escapes the mind
and time
is no longer a creative fantasy

conquered by a digital impression
can we escape
this subliminal depression?
no more promises
just scattered ecstasies
and hopeful premonitions
solid and stationary
we toss faded dreams against the wind
and wait
for a radiant release

dispel the tortured imagery
that reflects a fragile heart
don’t bend, ascend
find the frequency,
the classical vibration
that breathes chaotic lyrics
into a singular conciseness
no longer asleep
we are alive in the shadows
and our wet eyes water
spectating flowers
of new beginnings


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