fenix funk

a sunrise
a sunset
spells within spells
woven in modular measure
to manifest half dead dreams
curious and starving
i stumble down hallways
of black hesitation
waiting for a background revelation
at times like this
it all seems so useless
where do when go
when we’re almost used up
but not quite ready to die

there’s always a plausible excuse
to lie down and slowly surrender
hollow addictions grip my soul tightly
as the pendulum swings
between a colorful past
and an uncertain future
but at this moment
this quiet and sacred moment
all that matters
is conquering this complex isolation

i’m a madcap citizen
of a preposterous simulation
wandering between phases of
indifferent endurance
and astrological bliss
with too much time
or not quite enough
i’m conjuring chaos magick
but the science of the season escapes me
and then i remember the number three
an infinite trinity
killing fate and leading me
to a divine creativity



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