salty blues in the eyes of night

spellbound and phased (out)
with tired eyes
and endless days
we give up smooth emotion
to burn quiet misery
and i can’t stand
the insanity of still hands
roaming down
this one way street
by cryptic cues
creeping upon these
narrow and static curfews

such a silly kitten
lingering on love
and distractions of the lowest order
i guess i’ll submit
to this distant peace
viewed as a special slave
and fueled by symbols
of starving stability
that feed cold brains
and like a swollen prophet
or dime store poet
i’m intimate and stationary
marked and empty
arranged in a terrible routine
only to be reborn in the number three
crying louder
than the bleached sound
of harsh teeth
gnawing on the winds of winter

ugly and accelerated
towards this opportunity
of lonely perfection
we ravage wandering reflections
and spend just enough time sleeping
to remain sane
dancing between glass backgrounds
and a tainted flame
so don’t speak of failure
crack another beer
light another cigarette
and grant me one last adventure
bonded together
after a soulless retreat
as silent breaths breed
a million and one
longing heartbeats



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