have you tried turning it off then on again?

humanity in free fall
lined up for the perfect kill
it’s time to refuse

my friend said to me
“man, i just wanna live”
“i know what you mean brother,
but those monkey bastards won’t let us be free”
“it’s time to stick it to the man”
“the people need a revelation!”

we need
rapid deployment
of guerrilla gardens
mushroom marketplaces
and solar panels
mesh networks
and encrypted poetry
master hunters
guns and silver
bitcoin, builders, and barmaids
bartering on every corner
floating islands
renewable remedies
uncensored information
factual freedom
resistance and education
outlaws and aliens
fires, backyard festivals
and the blackest of markets

no more masks
no more media
multiple cultures
with no division
slaves rising to the (r)Evolution
brothers and sisters in arms
black, white, red, yellow,
muslim, christian, buddhist, atheist
shamans and witches
naked in the forests and plains
calling on the rain
satisfaction and sensory deprivation
with luscious tongues
programming righteous machines
we gamble on the spirit
playing with soul
seeking to break down
this system of control



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