an anarchist manifesto

dreams and omens
traced along the songs
of a tattooed lady with a drum
there’s a fire on the horizon
with white smoke
and lonely birds
that refuse to submit
to the second wave
of this manufactured
dark winter

a good sign perhaps?
only time will tell

should we follow these
hollow dreamcatchers
and medicine men
that wander without
concrete solutions?

i’m tired of all these
empty slogans
and misguided meditations
i just don’t have anymore patience
for whitewashed ignorance
or easy intolerance

with all this turmoil
and blind conformity
i just want to find
a peaceful release
live and let live
no confrontation
no compulsion
no conformity
a sidestep
into spiritual chaos

gimme a moment of focused decay
time away
from these broken realities
and hard routines
set upon a salient sun
why are we always undone?

i want drums of death
set in a soft rhythm
to rescue time
and write a poetic ending
to this beautiful mess

love without boundaries
you and me
holed up in a den
of complicated simplicity
comforted by
intoxicated understanding
and curated with
consistent bursts
of compassion and inspiration

the owl has four eyes
two in the center
and two on the side

the line comes
at the strangest moments
and faith is renewed
by small actions
of singular independence
and innocent curiosity

rules without rulers
will someday be our holy canon



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