i’ll take chaos over conformity anyday

sometimes the wait
seems worthless
as cold hard mornings
transform into
cold hard evenings
tapped out
and ready to give in
the monster has no teeth
but neither do you

damn this impervious stalemate
glories and failures
are one in the same
as we are constantly hypnotized
by beautiful misdirection
are we all just robots
dreaming in slow motion?

frozen opportunity
draped in prozac finery
and dancing
like impossible cartoons
it’s strange
how the slow songs
of haunted birds
can kick us in the balls
and force us
to part ways with reason

what do we do
when wild words have left us starving
and craving something more
than this preoccupied
and perpetual domination

forget misfortune
and the dawn of instinctual escape

sometimes all you can do
is sleep
with one eye open
and remember that
magic takes hold
at the strangest of moments



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