white hot booty

breathe stop illuminate
stripping a virtual mind as we
fearlessly feed forgotten friars
hungry and holographic jokes
as medicated blades
guide communist clowns
toward a shallow technocracy
beamed out from one of the seven points of heaven
i was gonna write this midnight mystery
but then the laws of life interfered
dangerous, i was dreaming of
revolution and lsd
of youth and untapped anxiety
of sexy shaman dances
and psychic daggers
piercing the heart of truth
but then i got
caught up in a blue song
you know the kind
reality laced with
strychnine metaphors
and vague memories
of what could have been

it’s always unfinished, this
luscious mortality
unfolding and waiting for
sleep or another drink
lying dead against summer
i want to carve out
an obscure and unholy future
one more trip
to argue with the gods of chaos
and set this ship of fools right
can you see the dying bird of prey
i can only hope that someday
a dubious woman
will anoint my accidental flesh
and magnetize
this wandering soul



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