notebooks and complicated atrocities

typewriter tempest
screwed in and bottomed out
i can’t compose a cadence tonight
but that’s alright
save it for
when the dragon’s teeth are upon you
save it for
when the cigarette burns low
and cloud forms drift to the north
save it for
when someone really cares

i don’t have the words
to describe tomorrow
and adjectives escape me today

i’m swimming in rivers of
contaminated communication
as headlines kill
as tv death
guides fallen fools
towards predictable lines of propaganda
and yesterday’s souls
manifest toxic prepositions

in passed tense
we stir a cauldron of
calculated conjunctions
to commemorate these
cruel intentions
wrapped like an angry almanac
submerged in literary storms
of strange frustration

bloom this beast of future imperfection
scraping ignorance in the hot glow of
strangers who recite jokes
from dull revisions

at this moment
we’ve got a good thing going
don’t waste it on hopeless fury
cradled by uncertain language

embrace this tabloid release
and define these salvaged stars
placed on a page of
perpetual penetration
with careful deliberation

immortality rests
in the rusty hands
of perilous



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