songs sung in extradition

years of broken circumstance
ohh how the faithful compose
slanted stories
with lips kissed
by disparity

disavowed by
factory time
and combined with
quarantined manifestation
we distance ourselves
with slow eyes
and diluted souls

broken jokes
held together by insane glue
we’re captured in fear play
and concealed in crisis
as lazy leaders preach control
and surrender
and the social ghettos
drive desire
for a narrative passion
and emptied of symmetry

machine disease
with shaded words
in the color of truth
are shot down by cold patrols
stranded and divided
in the shell of this silent city
we reach for inanimate connection
as prophets are rented
in careless anticipation
fantasized, neglected
and set to endure
this rolling dystopia

hungover from riots of uncertainty
too many question linger
on empty shelves of capitalist comfort

as old men pretend
to deal the seed of summer
waiting for
the distraction of tomorrow
in the now of nothing

in this
corrosive social love
chasing a savage visage
in vanity we hide
with beasts of
a criminal plantation

tired and majestic
secretly moving towards
a sacramental sacrifice
we drink the dream
reclusive and ranting
with teeth dancing
like glass slippers
as the stars flux
in pagan poverty

wet with alcoholic fury
and set to contain
this final epic strain

lying on
untamed landscapes of euphoria,
flooded by the moon
and following the sun
we wait
with faith
in a state
of restless r(E)volution
to reveal, rebel, and recover



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