story time: episode xxvi

schizophrenic semblance
dressed like a staggering and callous bum
voices are lit
on blurry riverbanks
of a satirical deaf night
the i is insane
as fast tones
and dim dongles
reap ancient potato music

old blood cavorting with new gamblers
naked and spiritually attentive
energy writes a white roar
and the whores
arrive on the ends
of festive bones
teasing a dull hum
in streets left leased in the dark
as i strategically amuse lazy princes

heroes are we
creeping on perfection
and dropping an acid howl
upon a yellow moon
as we converse
within a theater of human flesh

televisions girl
seek out the seasons of sound
with a cold code and a clown mind
as saturday’s crows
advise middle aged warriors
on how to conquer distraction
with animate cards of imagination

sipping black coffee
in the downtown celestial garden
the blues leave clues
for midnight hearts
on god’s cultural avenues

yesterday’s penetration
and departure past anticipation
write words with no glory
as we lie on blankets
of bonfire lawns

drunk on faces
written in sedated sunrises
we copulate and breathe
summer fantasies
cleansed by the chaos of
terminal math

distant and constant
we see the proud and perpetual tragedy
of beatbox medicine
strewn across hungry stupors
of a radiant shore

winter’s mind, drinking in
an accelerated form of art
and now my fellow feens
it’s time to sit with long cats
and confer with the school of broken resistance
as we microdose sonic synthesizers
and preach the gospel of sensual liberty

cats in harmony
new eyes under a curios litter
ecstasies are brewed in truth
as the memories of a stuttering radio
send steep signals
to the bottom of a poetic solar system

and now as the cool green night arrives
let the game play out
on dangerous keyboards
manipulated with the roses of freedom
in digital death we shine brighter than
the promise of a delicious light



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