a cruel ocean must correct this fat independence

nervous eyes move slow past the poet photo
it’s 12am and already my stomach feels disturbed
friday nights kill more men than cancer
i’m looking for a clean chaos
a lazy green fire
to burn away this culture of sleep

what are the words that will make us whole?
selection, submission
insurrection, hungry intermission

brass knuckle preacher
give me the word
and practice fluid creation
as we stumble towards another
new year of old school transition

maleficent miracle
come on in
and light these eyes
with wholesale destruction
come on in
and wet these lips
with a slippery eclipse

come one, come all
strip the soul and behold
this secret sacrificial sideshow
from a triumphant scarecrow
watch me fold this piece of paper
as i shape it like a sectarian ship
bound for uncertain shores
opened, it reveals
nothing and everything
true to this autistic persona

no doubt, breakout
shaping and shifting
a sharp, elaborate tongue
while dancing with maliferous maidens
that equal flesh
drunk in the melancholic moonlight air
challenge the fall
and promise a radient ceiling
littered with delicate traditions of heaven

captured by a dangerous cadence
quick and insidious
we reach for clouded deities
under an accidental union
and sleep with dangerous knowledge
secure in righteous memory

writing in reverse
white phrases eat weird poetry
and we are left with empty beer cans
and naked frail bodies
as the clocks continues to tick
it fateful, fruitious hour
should we leave behind
this decade full of holes
as we cast one more rune
to settle the score?

anxious ancestors crawl across
the complex, corrupted alters of man
crows on the snow
there’s a thousand faces
with names we’ll never know
it makes me want to walk through
random gardens and explosive cites

blue white sky,
sitting on a purple daybreak
there is no simple language
life is comprised of spells, incantations,
and secular vibrations

so scatter circles of discord,
hurt, and reluctant redemption
all this random energy
cycles towards
a drunk and beautiful treason
a season, of small feats
and cats in harmony

slow push, pound the storm
as obscure and obscene features
purge an indifferent offering
and the gypsies, the druids
the shamans, the priests
hold court beneath a silver canopy of oily rain

spirit police channel cut memories
as a white witch dances
under a black solstice
bare the bones and summon the smoke
consume the holy spice,
mystic music, and decadent light
chalk urban mysteries on sacrificial sidewalks
the stars are closer than poster dreams at midnight
now as a grateful evening descends,
feel the electric embrace
as we jump to the rhythm of
green girls on the move

holding hands under the flash
of a fertile salamander moon
we could ratify this raven revolution

the eve has already past
so dance along brown paths
and make love
in one final repose
of human inquisition

solid shadows burn
the final fruits of yesterday
as we consecrate chemistry of tomorrow

the end is never good
but with a little magic
and a lot of luck
the sunrise could sever
these turbulent chords
revealing purple pastimes
of peaceful departure


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