visions of a seditious heart

dark you say?
i’m so dark
i echo the light
disturbed in the morning
by mandatory routines
absent minds
are working on nicotine dreams
interrupt us please

static over the radio voice
simple choice
one step towards heaven
two steps towards hell
is it safe to assume
that consequence will consume
these tired playroom eyes
immune, perched on a padlock tune
with love or no love
waiting like old flowers
on a stale shadow moon
is this a temple or a tomb?

dust in your eyes
better than
dirt in your mouth
no coffin, just
a little closer to creation
listen, to a subtle serpent hiss
traversing an open abyss
waiting for strangers to kiss
as a decimal distance
disrupts this decadent desire

here comes the slow chill
as grey hearts distill
shadows of freewill
and with a sleepy touch
we kill, then slowly fill
lead chalices of goodwill
until they spill
across a crimson floor

what to do on this
warm december morn?
a dusty notebook implores
a solitary pen seeking to explore
empty reason
and where is my kitten?
i’m not even sure what day it is
but i smell fire on the wind
and violet days are erased
by perfume and victory

thick or thin
possessed by leftover dreams
how these bodies heave and sway
through another disconnected day
as copper skin is stretched across
graphite souls
and caffeine corpses cast a wrinkle in time
as we code madness into ones and zeros

playfully we disobey
how many flies have you killed today?
singing sunrise with a sideways sun
how did we become adults
in this childlike world?

baptized eyes communicate and await
forgotten temptations of fate
that incubate
a skeptical heart rate

ohh how we weave days and nights
into simple spells
of partisan passion
as conversations are captured
by cacophonic promises

gripped by one last chance at magic
it’s a far cry
from the blundering brilliance
that once captured this lonely dog heart



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