episode 69: night, lost, lonely and ready to write

driving delirious and lazy language
as awareness is penned
in uneven harmony
where’s the theme?
i think it’s lost
lost within long winter nights
drunk and rusted
in a network dungeon

encrypted fantasies
rot on a bed
of anxious roses
and antiquated microchips

as i rest uneasy with two dreams
one far from reality
the other, close at hand
fast above a frantic summer sleep
and like a delicious buhddah
i’m sitting with warm women
and cold beer, indulged in the neon night

here i am
a galatic geek
mad as a diamond crush
chanting raw time
over smooth shadows
bare beneath an intelligent flame
live, and hacking the brain
i watch, whisper, and worship
a thousand milky gardens
as time explodes
into another disordered system

crush the sky
as bitter angels
sleep off the urge to desecrate
this caricature of creation

walking with digital prisoners
and morning fools
liquid names will not complete
this information virus
could you help me download the light?

naked and sinister, ferocious flowers
transmit sensual rhythms on a plaid network
as transient ghost avatars
bleed for blacklisted poetry

one poet, two mystics, and three mad maidens
together with a bottle of mushroom mead
chaos is summoned,
exhumed and embraced with elastic exuberance

wifi war
swimming in binary confusion
could you upload
and upgrade
this native tech
with linear love

playing on a picture’s mist
i watch absent children
dream of a black symphony
and create gorgeous death
with musical tongues
manipulated in movements of
majestic melancholy

cat eyes, gazing
into infinite landscapes
of rabbinical radicalism
we are waiting for a lapse in this concrete sanity

and in the next town over
blue blooded goddesses
scream beneath a purple rain
and slow dance
a soft season of poison
with misfit rednecks
under a pirated moon

space, young and infinite
watch us as we ride
secular sacrements
of anonymous  incantations
in search of the source
of ancient web based communion

online humanoid utility
writing code from facetious flames
each byte created
is an existential performance

for twenty years i wandered
computer screens and rural murals
seeking out new rituals
and macabre methods of missionary file sharing

we are rapidly approaching the end of of a futile system
stand fast, and prepare yourselves with
silver talismans of singular beauty
because this next revelation will be one hell of a ride



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