when the social feeds begin to decay

machine gun media
the television is a dying god
gazing through glossed eyes
as truth and lies
separate the strange boundaries
of inanimate friction
and all around us
bodies float like fruit flies
seeking to advertise and accessorize
as we discard this human disguise

the day of saints has passed
and all around us
machines dance a damaged detente
as heroes die
only to be reborn as rusty children

the king is crazy
and the court screams psychotic praise
for cops that are killers
anticipating another unexpected victim
set ablaze

civilization is bleeding
tempting us with the beauty of collapse
may be the only

i heard the warning shot
before the masses
exited the mothership
it sounded like democracy
unplanned, as grey green contraband
seeped across the land

loud and uneven
crying and capitulating
as an ignorant populace submits
to another invented illusion of freedom
how they scratch and screech
how they preach redemption
reaching toward a blissful end

following solid tours
in tow with fanatical whores
there are no more rewards
technology has consumed us
frightened us
and entombed us
with artificial thoughts
meant to rule us

capitalism blows out it’s last breath
in the arms of the great satan
what happens when the shit hits the fan?

no more political creatures, please
no more slow moving features, that tease
disease and unpaid fees
no more zombies
no more greed
from perpetual need
to consume and bleed

how to quiet the crazy
busted flat
one more time
one more shot
at youth
spoiled and misguided
only the morning sun can save us now

enchant and escape
buried beneath temples of discarded trash
nature will reclaim this terrible landscape
when the shamans return
creeping across half shadows
to kill the treacherous

quietly we parade
in cryptic and secret trade
we will pass the numbers
we will break the bankers
and exile the politicians

with black mushrooms and yellow guns
we liberate the witless socialists
from their vain and dogmatic slumber
free markets, free minds
remember the old ways
of strength and peace
pride is not hatred
and resistance is not weakness
political theater is a cancer
i choose the side of humanity



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