while you were sleeping

frantic light, robbed of second sight
impossible love bites
as fish tails and phantom feathers
flutter under the cloak
of another solicitous night

inflame, exclaim, defame
every day is the same
as we play the game
of never ending domination

charmed and hesitant
watering green tongues
with red letters
we wait on stock prophecies
like misinformed misanthropes

take away the voice(s)
no more soft words
just a dark horse
and unsteady hands
holding a perpetual pen
i can’t write a poem
to save my life

the telephone
the television
and the typewriter
instruments of
death and resurrection
wielded in a
conflicted form of security

mean streets strike a valiant pose
almost like undefined prose
with a mad chorus
of no tomorrows
as players and paper hustlers
drink wildflowers
in the gloomy doom
and lone sharks wait
for turntable dreams
swinging to jungle beats
on dissident concrete
with absent feet
scratched to the fever
of nature’s heartbeat

evening creatures dream of
deadly daylight roses
and osiris laughs
as a jaded dragon dances to the tune
of tired teeth
scraping against the hardened strings
of a lost violin

a solitary raven
with copper eyes
like desert bonfires
lures us with lurid tales
of patience and lost love
as passion fuels fated farewells
and we remember past mistakes
like a first kiss

black coffee, black markets
black cats and black hearts
back alley
bittersweet fuel
tasted and wasted
on you

halted on the road of uncertainty
summer’s last cue is absent
as the sun-day noon
pulsates a deafening static
meant to magnetize
and knock dead
sanitary senses

no rhythm, no destination
no epic here
matter loses meaning
backward, forward
no momentum at all
it’s better to sit alone
with an empty rapture
as maligned eyes capture
the spirit of failed destiny

too old to live
and too young to die
nothing but a
domestic cliche
placed on standby



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