a dollar store companion

pet poet, perfect form
malleable and transmuted
smiling with broken teeth
and laughing at the wind

pet poet, evoked
and sitting on the grass
simple, and solid
performing surgery
on a broken pen

pet poet, transfixed with
lonely and infinite desire
as curious women come to share
a sundry wildfire
and crusades are cinched
under the disorder
of a cosmic passion’s empire

pet poet, wrapped in cloud forms
and waiting for a silent ovation
as the american spirit is casually
naturalized and neutralized
in the tactical profession of night

pet poet, undone
perfectly flawed
and imperatively enchanting
ranting and racing against the moon
as one estranged star grips the next

pet poet, afterlife majority
a sunset seniority
he drinks within a circle of stars
dancing off beat
with the mad mages of mars
vicious and surreptitious
fictitious, delicious
unseasoned and too slanted to die

pet poet, a specter split
with catatonic cat eyes
marking time
as metal melodies shuffle
through an evening brain
arcane rain, no time to train
this indefinite pain

pet poet, middle aged
invisible cage
outraged, upstaged

pet poet, balanced
on square feet
traveling up and down
prostrated roads
indiscreet drumbeat
waiting to delete
an overgrown heartbeat

pet poet, fading
and unforgiven
by seven maidens hosted
he’s standing on swollen notebooks
with anorexic pens
cats may have nine lives
but every dog has it’s day
pet poet
the forest remembers every flower
do you?



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