strange dinners

another day,
another trip
through this vast expanse of
days colliding with hours,
brushing against minutes,
devolving into seconds,
and spiraling down
into a finite universe

fleeting, something faded
shaded, on white lines
of a blue horizon, downgraded

what are these green knives
that keep peering at me
from behind communist bushes

cicada hum, sagacious bum
nature is so
and never

break, we sit
somewhere between
and nothing at all
sleep, as the sun dances with the moon
and these paper hearts
no longer beat in unison
redeem, with scarlet motion
and infinite devotion

forget mocked time
it’s a trick of the mind
to redefine
oceans and angels

“lower your gaze gently
and shape memories
like luminescent photographs”

neptune, magic moon
impossible summer tune
the crow calls an hour before noon
and some days my life is just a cartoon
with pictures from a darkroom
heirloom, costume, perfume
solid, solo, and sold

touch me once more
with your heavenly eye
destroy the lie
and help me spy
a perilous midnight sky

ohh, to die in a repetitive age
disconnect me from bad adventures
as we drift within this disturbance
and radiate fevered flashbacks
like the berserkers of old

objective observation,
speculation, mixed with regulation
and constant miscalculation
could we sail the tides
of malnourished innovation?

idle thoughts, and
from simple disasters
as seasons and genders mix
putting the fix
on this impetuous crusade

long street, dirty feet
hurling hexes
to a futuristic beat
feathers flow, no defeat
waiting till once again we meet
i am the god of dissonance
trapped, incomplete
and constantly in heat

the sun is a harsh father,
the moon, a gentle mother
and mischief craves companionship
under the soft kiss of night



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