how to recycle dreams

here’s to another endless evening
as mother moon
mirrors and illuminates
our wayward souls

without warning
function is sobered with
an atomic and economic
breathless we rest,
clutching a gothic cleric
to revitalize
the somber commerce of autumn

unseen predator and prey
outstretched to infinity
aged and weathered
are they spying on me?
i hope so because
all is quiet here
and healers only attract
broken souls

two lines
and lessons learned
exchanging binary bookmarks
were we just sedated
on that smooth summer eve?
i don’t think so
even though
i’ve spent my hopes and fears
and settled on a sacrificial sensibility

poised and placed together
like synonyms and antonyms
attracting cosmic reason

what is this dream i keep remembering?

caught in a carnival of sensations
distance means nothing
as we stand in
cautious and curios triumph
like familiar peasants
waiting to embrace
this symbiotic sacrament

dark and light
encircled and entwined
it’s a union of everything
seeking to unplug
and compose
tiny universal tales

observing the interplay
of shaded transmissions
as transient strangers
weave factional fables
and manipulate reversed turntables

i watch a lonely radio
an obtrusive television

and i ponder
for the keys are
gypsy chaos
evoked in the shadow
of native harmony


i am
only through
this infernal



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