immortality and the gift of words

scarlet goddess
with eyes of
deadly poetry
i’ve met my match

whiskey night dream
met with mayhem
in meticulous harmony
i sense passion
as two lifeforms collide
among the alien tide
were mystic fish reside

can you feel his magik?
it’s jagged
pulsating with
vitality and discord

strange trip
as pagan sunsets
reach toward lustful mornings
and i crave just one touch
hold it in
then let it out
scream, and dance about

rainbow halo
over the face of Ra
commence the cleansing rain
under a summer sun
naked, curious
everything is wet and alive

flirtation, penetration
i feel you next to me, beneath me, inside me
slow rapture as
a single flower captures
the universe in contrast
and smoke rises
from the bones
of a burning futile poet

collision, collusion
fabled features folded upon one another
with divine animal forms
set adrift in a sea of storms

eyes locked
slipping into euphoric manifestations
of a dark and heavenly force
will you summon these
fire moon beasts
entangled with
tongues lashing
lines of liquid motion
upon a sacred canvas?
it’s organic ecstasy
consumed in satan’s song

something old, something new
entangled in a gothic hue
wandering through spirit and flesh
forbidden pleasure
tapping that unholy treasure
dark copulation
summons a transformation
give me a beast
to match my own

eyes, lips, breasts, and hips
i can still feel you
will tomorrow never come?

black train (of thought)
were i a shaman
and she the vision
we could claim
this infinite serpent coil
hunger in hades
as this head-rhyme swirls
were i the sun
and she the moon
this geometry of souls
would conquer the symmetry of circumstance

fate holds no escape
so let us create
new songs of beautiful destruction
i cannot reveal
the chance of secrets
that her mind foretold



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