some time after waking 7…8 maybe?


it shouldn’t be so cold in may he said, late summer long winter the almanac said.
the police vehicles are all shiny and new. they’ve robbed us blind, whether through taxation or violation.
they pass by my house constantly and i want to spit on them.
last night i had this recurring dream that bureaucrats were trying to capture me and medicate me.
they wanted to search me for drugs they said i was out of control, the security everywhere was tight.
i was with my daughter and they were after her too, they just kept coming back.
at one point they stole my kitties, for ransom possibly.
at that point i had had enough, i decided i would have to kill them all(no one messes with my cats).
then, just like that, they were gone, and didn’t come back.
it seemed we were free, but then as i awoke i realized we’re rarely ever really free.
the wind is strong in the bushes refused to bloom.
sometime i think of natures defiance and i fall in love.
it seems were always late, late for work, late for dinner, late for life.
i want to say no to all of this and be a true artist, never late, never early,
just right where i need to be.


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