7 am…ish

this morning is warmer and louder
today is my long day
long at work, long love
waiting for the release of night
and i know that it doesn’t get much better than all this
it’s a play, the same show over and over
poorly acted out on a translucent stage
the saints of circumstance have abandoned me
one of the most profound lines i’ve ever heard is when
Jack Nicholson said “what if this is as good as it gets?
do you know what hell truly is?
it’s a cell comprised of boredom and stagnation
it has windows through which you can see the light of creativity, but the doors are all barred  and locked
and somehow you swallowed the key
so there you sit
waiting, penning nonsense
and listening to morning birds sing
i’ve written in this notebook almost every day this week
different thoughts, nothing has changed
i think i’m waiting for divine creation
waiting for someone to save me
i’m waiting for the past and the present
to meld into some exciting and beautiful future
all around the globe small hands hold torches and cell phones
all of our heroes are either dead or in jail
the beast has penetrated every home
it’s a sad state of affairs when
my mid-afternoon lunch break is interrupted
by the fact that i have run out of beer
there’s a black kitty sitting on the table
prose, as slayer plays in the background.


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