no more war

it’s coming again
a beast as old as time itself
a looming specter called war

not the cold rhetoric of facile tyrants
comparing the size of their dicks
but real, bloody, violent, open war

freedom is an abstract and malleable construct
manipulated to instruct
immature young souls
towards destructive ends

far too many times
has the earth been scorched
and bathed in toxic blood
at the hands of unnecessary empires
ignorance and suffering pervades
this material existence
as parasitic banks and faithless arms dealers
feast on the surrounding carnage

how many more valuable resources have to be spent
how many more sacred lives have to be extinguished
in this pointless endeavor
foolish humans call war

when will the little folk,
trapped within these imaginary borders
finally say…..enough!?

the human spirit cries out for rEvolution
it longs for a path to peaceful cooperation
moving forward as a collective of individuals
caught in the thrall of creation, innovation
exploration, and triumphant declaration
reaching for heights not yet seen
in this brief timeline we call history

so now
to those few reading this i say
ignore your “leaders”
for they are a disgrace
the eternal spirit of peace
light a candle, say a prayer
plant a garden, create art
and make love
like there’s no tomorrow



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